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Prior to the beginning of each school year, Hudson athletes canvas the neighborhoods throughout Hudson soliciting residents to become members of the Hudson Athletic Booster Club.

All teams, whether in season or not, are expected to participate in this fundraising efforts. Each team rep is responsible for the following:

  • Communicate the membership drive date and time to all coaches, athletes and parents.
  • Inform the athletes and families that the membership drive is our single largest source of revenue for our athletes; therefore, it is important that everyone participate.
  • Encourage all families to become Hudson Athletic Booster Club members. Historically, our membership has been lower than what one might expect in a community of Hudson's size. Fewer than 50% of the families with athletes in Hudson High School or Middle School have been members. Additionally, despite the fact that HABC provides a benefit to the community at large, only a small percentage of members come from individuals and families without student athletes.

In addition to providing athletes to conduct door-to-door solicitation, each team is required to provide parent drivers for the membership drive. This is approximately a 1-2 hour time commitment.

Incentives resulting from participation in the Membership Drive fundraiser will be earned as follows:

Funds to be credited to the Earned Funds account of a team may be earned in two (2) ways: First, parent volunteer drivers are needed to transport athletes during the door- to-door solicitation. Approximately 150 parent drivers are needed. For each parent driver a sport provides, that sport earns $10. The second incentive is for membership by the families of athletes---20% of each member’s dues will go directly to the teams designated by the members.