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Fundraisers are the principal means by which HABC raises monies necessary to support Hudson Athletics.
Fundraisers fall generally into two (2) categories:

  1. Fundraisers for which it is expected that all teams, team representatives and parents will participate (Membership Drive, Value Cards and Concessions).
  2. Fundraisers which are seasonal (Reverse Raffle — Fall, Spaghetti Dinner — Winter, Mulch Madness — Spring).

In the case of seasonal fundraisers, teams, team representatives and team parents of sports in season will take the primary role for leading the fundraising. However, out-of-season sport's athletes, team representatives and parents are also expected to participate by actively supporting this fundraising effort.

As more fully-described in the following pages, beginning in the 2006-07 year, incentives for participation in fundraisers may be earned by individual teams. Funds earned as incentives will be credited to the team's Earned Funds Account.