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Each year an athlete from each Hudson Varsity team is selected to receive the Ray Hyser Award in the spirit of GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP. Selection is based not necessarily on athletic ability, but on the following:

  1. LEADERSHIP—The good sportsman is a leader who leads by positive example. He/she attends all practices faithfully, has a positive attitude not only in the game but toward his/her teammates, opponents, coaches and school. A leader tries to share this positive attitude with others and tries to be an example for others. He/she works at knowing his sport and in helping younger players to improve and to feel a part of the team.
  2. PRIDE—Pride is evidenced by the desire to excel, but not to the point of forgetting the rules of fair play and honest competition. A good sportsman knows how to win with humility and to lose with dignity, never trying to gain honors by embarrassing others. A good sportsman supports others in their efforts whether they are teammates or members of the school's others teams. A good sportsman will always be building school and team pride and never degrading the efforts of others.
  3. DESIRE—The desire to excel is evident not only in sports competition, but also by hard work in the classroom. The athlete must follow the athletic code by abstaining from the use of chemicals and tobacco and show poise and self-discipline in pressure situations. The athlete must maintain a "never say die" attitude regardless of the score of the event.

A maximum of three nominations per sport will be made. Two nominees will be selected by the vote of teammates. (See ballot download.) These nominees will be the two highest vote-getters. The Head Coach can recommend one of the two or a third nominee. Athletes may be selected regardless of class rank and may be repeat winners.

Please keep the above qualities in mind when you vote. Download the ballot HERE and fill it out according to your coach's instructions. All ballots MUST be turned in to your coach. Thank you.